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was elected for four more years. to me, this president has shown in the first four years that he's willing to go to battle for these types of things because remember when he won the first election, one of the first thing he said was "i won the election." >>steve: after george bush and george bush lost all his political capital by the time katrina hit. he was not able to use his political capital to get social security passed. that was after winning the election and beating john kerry. >>brian: what is wrong -- what are the challenging things about senator hey dell? number one, he's for without preconditions sitting down with iran. he says sections wouldn't talk. he says it is a good idea for israel to talk directly with hamas. hezbollah is an organization we should be engaged with. he went against the surge, was with president obama. this is one last time to say the bush administration and the bush policies were going the exact opposite way. senator ted cruz, one of the up and coming stars on hannity last n.i.h. >> he was reelected and at this point he thinks he can do nothing wrong. he we
minister medvedev about more flexibility after the election. well, this is flexibility manifesting itself. we're pushing everything up more quickly. moving up the time line contradicts a lot of reports we've seen about the readiness of the afghan national army, whether they will truly be prepared to secure the country both to protect the regime there but also ensure the mission we went there to execute, which is prevent al qaeda and radical islamist extremists from having a haven from which to operate, whether they'll be able to do that. that is still an open question making this announcement -- >> what are we doing now, pete? some folks say we're kind of sitting ducks in some way. is the mission going on? what is the mission? what is the end goal in your mind as a veteran? >> sure. the end goal should be to secure america's interests. this is not about building a nation for afghan. let's be clear about that. however, i don't think a rush for the exits right now is the way to do it. a gradual, measured withdrawal based on conditions where we train the afghan national army to be capable. w
, but he's not been an easy person to work with. and it strikes me with an election coming up, we should be on the lookout to be working with other actors in afghanistan. >>brian: exactly. you say leaving without losing. in afghanistan, for example, we're debating about money and force strength after 2014. we should we be focused on? >> i think what we should be focusing on is continuing an arms relationship with afghanistan, continuing to provide advisorses. in other words, give them the tools to fight the taliban. i think that in fact they're going to be motivated, partly because the taliban are going to behave so badly like they did before that we will find afghans win to fight them. it might not necessarily be president karzai, but there will be afghan actors who will fight the taliban. >>brian: you say one of the things the soviets did wrong, the soviet union collapsed, gorbachev takes over, and the reason why what the afghans left collapsed is because the soviets cut them off. >> gorbachev continued to arm them. it was yeltsin. as soon as yeltsin took over at our behest, he took ov
. this year's hall of fame inductee ceremony will be short. no one showed up. no one elected. the page was blank. it was headlined by barry bonds, roger clemens, over 300 wins, sammy sosa, over 500 homers. none got close to the 75% needed to go in. another former baseball great surrounded by controversy joined greta van susteren last night saying as a player you never give eup. >> who knows down the road. you never gave up. i never gave up as a player and never give up as someone who wants to go to the hall of fame because it is the ultimate goal for a baseball player. >>brian: that was pete rose saying i'll never give up going in. he didn't have a steroid problem. he had a gambling problem. bonds and so is a can appear -- sosa can appear on the blot for 14 years. u.s. olympian superstar missy franklin suiting up, 17, wanted to turn pro. she took to the pool. i have to overcome you screaming and she had to overcome the high schoolkids. easily took over the races. the question is how franklin was feeling before the meet. >> i was so nervous about the meet. i was intensely shaking in the
boehner after the election said, okay, mr. president obama, we're going to give you 800 billion and he said, famously now we know, i already got that. but what it talks about in the "wall street journal" is about how the president simply is so inflexible. initially he put out in the last grand bargain thing, perhaps raising one of the retirement ages. but then he realized, wait a minute, i can't even sell it to the left wing of the democratic party. so he pulled that away. so he wasn't going to give up anything. >> the worst thing the republicans are doing is even talking. the president and the democrats would absolutely have come to the table if the republicans said, it's going to be the big deal or no deal at all. they would have absolutely -- now they talk a good game and for some reason, i don't know, the republicans are folding. they keep folding. it's embarrass to go watch what happens. >> brian: they fear they're going to be blamed. >> who cares. in two weeksers people will forget about it. >> steve: john boehner says no more behind the scenes negotiating. one on one with the pr
before the u.s. election how many people said these companies are keeping trillions of dollars on the sidelines because they're worried about the u.s. how many people are keeping trillions of dollars on the sidelines because they're worried about uncertainty in china? china is more uncertain. two thirds of the world's growth comes from emerging markets. these are countries much more volatile. now the financial crisis finally in our rear-view mirror, we'll spend more time in there. >>eric: what the arab summer? arab spring, arab summer? >> we have a boom going on, offshore gas brazil and mexico. as a consequence, the down side in the middle east which is exploding, that will have less impact on the u.s. ironically the fact that it has less impact on the u.s. means the likelihood that things like the syrian war continues to mepastasize. >>eric: can we talk about washington politics. >> no one can look at the government and say it is working. it is dysfunctional. that comes in the context of unemployment going down, comes in the context of corporations making record profits. there
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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